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After years of touring, Daan Hofman started his studio project Phonettes with only an analog synthesizer, two guitars and a computer.  He wrote, produced and played all the tracks on the EP ‘Algorithm Love’. 

The songs of Phonettes are shaped by Minimalistic rhythmic patterns, New wave grooves with dreamy vocal choirs, pickin’ guitars, and warm analog synth sounds, even flirting with lay back techno but preserving the song as its beating heart.


Under license of TCBYML Amsterdam 2019

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As it turns out, ‘Phonettes' "Algorithm Love" is the work of a film composer,  so it is no surprise that the songs succeed in creating atmosphere from analogue synth sounds, laidback vocals and steady thematic development. 

Bluesbunny (UK)


"Dutch singer-songwriter delivers beautifull serene acoustic-led serenades" 

Mystic Sons (UK)

"Just like a movie of a 60’s love, the lively notes of folk and emotions drizzle off the fingers of ‘Phonettes’.“

Here comes Floyd (US)

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