Daan Hofman is an Amsterdam based filmcomposer. He studied Composing for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and other subjects including: Arranging, Harmony, Orchestration, and a lot of jazz and world music.

More recently he completed the Advanced Sound Design course at Point Blank, electronic music school in London, was part of the Fusion Filmscoring masterclass in Thessaloniki and started a master in Media Composition at the University of Chichester.


His film music is a hybrid style of acoustic and electronic sounds, using classical elements in a modern production approach.

“A lot of what I stand for comes together in working on film: My background in theatre, a musical diversity, storytelling and collaborating with other artists. It always fascinates me how music deals with image and language, and how a mix of these disciplines creates something new”. 

Showreel 2019

Showreel 2018


Documentary about a well known Dutch kidkap Case in the 80ies. Writer Tim Krabbe, on his obsession with the case and his friendship with perpetrator Ferdi E.


Directed by Twan Huijs

Produced BNN Vara

Watch HERE 


Out Of Focus

The night of a Polaroidphotographer searching for human connection in the disorienting nightlife of Amsterdam ends with a blurry reminder.


Directed by:

Jesse vd Mark

Jesse vd Kolk

Produced by: Icarus Film  

Batman: the punchline

Danny and the wild bunch

As a participant at the International Film Music Competition, 

I wrote this full orchestral score for 'Dany and the wild bunch'

Director: Robert Rugan 

Original score: Brooks Ball

A gritty, poetic fan-made short film about detective Jim Gordon and our sequel to 'the killing joke' storyline. two months after the events of 'the killing joke' Gordon is hunting down Joker copycats that have been plaguing the city.  Will he change ways and prove the Joker right? Is the fall into madness just one bad day away?

Director: Vincent Plu

Batman: the punchline

Christmas evening in all it's painful glory.

Genre: Dark Comedy

Director: Wouter vd Watering

Award: Best Musical Score

Watch HERE

Van tafel


Award winning short film screwed, is a silent comic movie with a jazzy soundtrack. A date takes a strange twist when an man can't find a corkscrew.

Director: Tim Schijf

Watch teaser HERE